Frequently Asked Questions OFFICIAL TIME: Saturday, April 19, 2014 5:52 AM



  1. What is iPick?

    iPick is a fast and easy way to use the power of the Internet so eligible staff can view and request to work open shifts for which they qualify.  Open shifts are posted with clearly defined skill requirements, and staff meeting the requirements will be able to access the web site from home, work, or wherever internet access is available.

    Once a shift has been requested the managers/supervisors make the final determination of who is scheduled for the shift based on the list of requesters and the needs of the unit or department.
  2. Why are we changing our scheduling process?

    iPick is a great opportunity for St. Rita’s employees to have a choice in working extra shifts in areas for which they are qualified. It’s a flexible, convenient way to select the extra shifts you would like to work without the inconvenience of contacting managers/supervisors or having to complete a sign-up/plan sheet.
  3. Who can use iPick?

    Full-time and part-time employees with the job titles listed below may use iPick to request to work shifts in addition to their base schedule. Regular and Premium Casual staff will use iPick to request all shifts.




    Nurse Tech/Extern


    OR Surgery Scheduler

    ED Clerk

    Patient Representative

    ED Tech II


    EKG Tech



    Surgical Tech


    Unit Clerk

    Endo Assistant


    Endo Tech




  4. How do I access iPick?

    Since iPick is an Internet-based program you can access it from any computer (work or home) with an Internet connection.

    Using any computer with Internet access, launch Internet browser and enter in the address/URL bar (do not enter www). You can also access iPick from the employee portal at in the HR section. From work, you can access the intranet and click the iPick shortcut button in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Who can I contact if I have questions or problems with iPick?

    If your password does not work, reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the iPick Welcome Page. If you cannot remember your password, security question or have other access issues, contact your manager/house supervisor. If you have questions about iPick processes, click on "Guidelines” located at the bottom of the iPick Welcome Page.


  1. How do I sign up to use iPick?

    To use iPick, begin by creating a profile and entering your personal information and qualifications.  After submitting your profile, your manager will review and approve it. Once approved, your profile will be activated and you will be able to log in and begin requesting shifts. If you provide an e-mail address you will be sent a message when your profile is approved.
  2. Do I need an e-mail address to use iPick?

    An e-mail address is not required. However, it may be more convenient to receive an e-mail notification when shifts are awarded to you.  Courtesy e-mail notifications will be sent to the e-mail address you supply when you create your profile. Even if you do supply an e-mail address, you will still be responsible for logging back into iPick to validate the shifts you have been awarded.

    You may use any e-mail account with iPick. If you currently do not have a work or personal e-mail account you can create one, at no charge, with e-mail providers such as Google, Yahoo or Hotmail.
  3. How will my profile/demographic information be used on iPick?

    Your information is used to determine which departments and types of shifts you can view and request.  Your e-mail information is used to contact you about a shift that you requested.

    Only managers/supervisors can view the information you provide.  At no time is it made public or available to unauthorized personnel. 
  4. Can I make changes to my profile?

    You are able to change your demographic information by logging onto iPick and clicking on <<My Profile>>.  For changes to any other information, including home unit, level of care, and skills, contact your department manager.


  1. How do I request a shift using iPick?

    Once you log into iPick click <<All Shifts>>. You can request any shift for which you meet the criteria by clicking on the shift.  You will then be taken to that shift’s detail page. Click either <<Bid on this Shift>> or <<Request this Shift>>. Note:  Some shifts will be offered with a percentage incentive above base rate. The incentive will be displayed when you request the shift. Shifts offered with a percentage incentive automatically decrease by 5% with each subsequent bid. You can submit your bid using the default percentage displayed in the field, or overwrite the bid to place a lower bid. A bid of 0% represents your base wage (including any applicable differentials). Shifts will not automatically be awarded to the lowest bidder. Managers will make the decision based on the needs of the unit and the skills of the requesters.

    Note that requesting a shift does not mean that you will be awarded the shift.  All requests for a shift will be reviewed and the manager will award the shift.   If you are awarded the shift, you will be notified on the iPick Main Page and via e-mail if you provided an email address. It is your responsibility to check your awarded shifts. Remember, all awarded shifts are considered scheduled shifts and are subject to attendance, cancellation and any other applicable policies.
  2. How soon can I begin requesting shifts?

    You may begin requesting shifts once your manager has approved and activated your profile.  If you provide an e-mail address when you create your profile, you will receive an e-mail confirmation when your profile has been activated.

    Open shifts will be visible in St. Rita's iPick five weeks before each schedule starts.
  3. Can I request shifts through iPick if I am not a current St. Rita’s employee?

    You must be an employee eligible to work at St. Rita’s in order to use iPick.
  4. Can I sign up for shifts in units or departments other than my home unit or department?

    Yes, as long as your skill set matches the requirements for the shift you would like to work, and you have already been scheduled for your minimum scheduling commitment in your home unit or department.  Shifts requested through iPick may not conflict with your regularly scheduled shifts.
  5. Can I retract my request to work a particular shift?

    Yes.  As long as the shift has not yet been awarded, you can retract your request.
  6. What if I am awarded a shift, but I can no longer work those hours?

    Once you are awarded a shift, you are considered scheduled for that shift.  It is important that you are available for the shifts you request, and that they do not conflict with your regular schedule.  Remember, all awarded shifts are considered scheduled shifts and are subject to attendance, cancellation, and any other applicable policies.  If you have been awarded a shift then cannot work that shift, it is your responsibility to arrange alternate coverage and then notify the department manager or supervisor.  
  7. Can I sign up for shifts even though I haven’t yet worked my regularly scheduled hours?

    Yes, as long as you have been scheduled for your minimum required hours in your home unit or department, and the shifts you request don’t conflict with your regularly scheduled shifts.  You are expected to work all of your scheduled hours.
  8. What happens if I request two shifts with overlapping times and I am awarded one of them?

    If you have requested two shifts that overlap and you are awarded one of those shifts, iPick will automatically retract your request on the other shift.  You are responsible for preventing conflicts with your regularly scheduled home department hours and shifts that you request through iPick. 
  9. How quickly will I know if I was awarded a shift?

    Shifts will be awarded on an ongoing basis but no later than 24 hours before the shift begins. Shifts you are not awarded will be visible to you on the “My Shifts” tab.  Once a shift has been awarded, it will be removed from your list of shifts available.  It is your responsibility to check iPick to see if you have been awarded shifts you have requested, and to report to work for those shifts.  You can monitor the shifts awarded to you by logging onto the iPick Main Page and clicking on the “My Awarded Shifts” tab.
  10. What should I do if I am awarded a shift?

    If you are awarded a shift, you are expected to report for work as scheduled.  If you have any questions about the shift or department, contact the manager. 
  11. Do shifts awarded to me through iPick affect my employment status or benefits eligibility?

    No. Additional shifts will not affect your employment status, or your benefits eligibility denoted by that status.  If you would like to make a change to your employment status, contact your unit/department manager.
  12. How does iPick work for casual staff?

    All casual staff will request all of their shifts through iPick (including your minimum commitment). Your minimum commitment must be met on your home unit/block before you can request to work shifts on other units.